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would not give in, and persisted in their duties until

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hiccoughs continued, but less violently. No cause for the

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properly, showing that the nerves passing through the sphenoidal

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compelled to seek divorce. She had one child by the first husband,

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lungs were found highly oedematous and the epithelium

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ment du nerf nasal et strabotomie ; guerison. Arch. clin.

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qualitative, but not fundamental. The nature of the tumour

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sition seems to me to be strikingly confii-med by the fact that slight railway

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disobedience. Obey, or leave the office, must be the inevitable rule. The employer will judge

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port, in which he conclusively proved that all advances

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head. I informed him that the practice of removing the

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being found injected and filled with mucous contents. Hemorrhages

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tion of the current. A frequency of about 60 cycles or 120

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are formed in the alimentary canal, and physiology teaches

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by the antagonistic action of the muscles on the left

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vic floor, acting from relatively fixed points of the thorax, pelvis and ver-

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part of the large intestines, and particularly the glands

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carcinoma and 4 sarcoma of the ethmoidal cells, which

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catarrhal inflammation, but an inflection of the tympanic

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Dr Eddy reports as follows regarding the labor, which began

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unless greatly modified, in places where good living can be

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The above type of individual constitutes a fair proportion

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fested, with the usual dyspnoea, palpitation, and oedema; this failure on the

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patch was oval, about an inch and a half in its long diameter ;

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the patient's head or body from falling over or taking a position which

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Carcinoma of the Uterus and Mamma, we light on one on

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while that of Dublin is two hui^red and thirty- tliree thousand.

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diabetes. Sir Lauder Brunton, in the same text-book,

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jjuestion of exodus from London it must he exodus from England. The second

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But it is of absolute value in differentiating many affections,

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that would be lasting in its results and withal easy of

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severe cases in which this line of treatment proved very successful. —

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too much for the good of the patient. The administration of chloroform

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