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In its more common form, the thyroid gland is first affected, and

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tion. In the remainder, subsequent complications and

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are pregnant have a well-marked neuropathic history.

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way the situation seemed a little discouraging. Before

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consequently ulceration and hemorrhage and infection.

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Symptoms. — The general symptoms may be those of a neurosis:

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important, especially in regard to industrial compensa-

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ing the experiments : " Quite a number of years ago, I

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tressing and annoying symptom both to the physician and to the patient

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be allowed to possess. All the circumstances pointed to one

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Fischel State Cancer Center, Columbia. Contact: Jack Wax,

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anticardiolipin antibody level. Ann Intern Med 1987; 106:524-531

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External pelvimetry leaves us to guess at the thick-

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tion from the ear. The ordinary period of five or six

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As to " who should be at the head of a hospital," the author gives no

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vented from increased degeneration by certain agents. Haemorrhage

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megaloblastic anemias of malabsorption syndromes, e.g., tropical and nontropical

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In No. 2 ward, 129 patients were delivered, 53 of which were primi-

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rounded lumps proved to be masses of coagula adherent to the sac.

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general septicemia usually followed. Attempts to determine the con-

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tively treated by closed manipulation and stabilized with a

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absence of suppuration and of a moist yellow slough. Phlegmonous Ery-

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