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pass down from the stomach do so in a single swarm ; it is

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some. If the cough is frequent it is liable to excite the pain in the

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in tlie natural course of the disease, the temperature rapidl}' diminishes.

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or less diseased, partly loosened. In many instances a third grade is

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and its Relation to Inguinal Hernia." Journal of Anatomy and

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followed by the Fahrenheit equivalent in parentheses.

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who, if kept luider a slight degree of supervision, are capable of

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in a place whence a diseased animal had been removed.

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conclusion that the thorough scrubbing of the hands with soap

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our readers are aware, the operation consists in shortening the

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other words, hoaltli and goo<l spirits, milk and fruit, may be

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These glands were pale, very firm, and on section showed no trace of

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and, on the other hand, that a more rapid swinging appeared

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It is important to note that while sugar, unless present in mere

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ments ret^ardin^jT some of Mr. Tail's cases. He had carefully

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the bilateral paralysis were in favour of thrombosis. A circle of bone was

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peated attacks of the more severe type of soon cease their efforts to expell it.

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point, for as a rule, in true mitral disease the mur-

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The distended gall-bladder, situated in the usual position of this organ,

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vulsions, it interferes markedly with the already difficult

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Case IX.— T., a previously healthy boy, aged two years, was

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Rather, as Muller and co-workers have shown, the phenom-

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while inclining to M. Desprus' belief in the identity of ery-

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vous symptoms through disorders of the blood and the

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Stated Meeting, October 26, 1900, Frank C. Wilson, M. D., President pro tern.,

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record the temperature of the bath was more than three

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acid to blood out of the body. The bilious matter vomited in some cases

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of the inflammation, such as are seen in ordinary cellulitis. In

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