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to one of the most distinguished of living ausculta-
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tension; only twice the temperature reached 102° F.; pro-
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of the treatment with x-rays is due to the reduction of circulating
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Dr. A. B. Shiiimcn, of Syracuse, pronounced a fitting
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Squire Balmanno, M. B. F. L. S., etc., p. 211, 227, 2:in.
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known agent. A recital of cases would swell this paper beyond
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Case II. — This patient was about fifty years of age, looking
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recorded 5 cases, with 1 death ; or ureterotomy through
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either local or general, surgical interference ofters by far the best chance for
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flashes of light, pain, and symptoms of like character. Entire
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healed quickly under iodide of potassium and the corrosive
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* The celebrated Stahl accounts for this diversity and instability of opinion. " Do-
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with weak pulse, dilated pupils, and feeble respiration.
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ernment.] Feldseber, St. Petersb., 1896. vi, 580-587.—
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glycerine has for serum and advocated tampons applied
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the extension of cancer into the liver was, without ques-
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(5) Improvement in the symptoms and partial disappear-
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tube-casts in the urine, disappearing again with the
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* Dr. E. Berillon is the Editor and has a large Clinique (Institute Psycho-Physiologique
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pass without bringing before you a short paper on the
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Oagern, that the minutes of the proceedings will be placed at my disposal,
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The third change in the law, that defining the offense of
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mained for a long time the standard on the subjects upon which it
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Direct^ Disiociaiion, General, Indirect, LabyrinUUne,
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t as was the merit of Dr. Post as a successful pioneer
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belongs to it, shows that the defervescence, which was synchronous
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The results of pyogenic infections among natives are very
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