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for some time after the accident. There was a serious injury
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vanced stage (with relaxation of the mucosa) large and mediimi-sixed mucous
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of organic diseases, which neither medicine can overcome, nor an old age
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Spencer Wells, and Dr. Tyler Smith, who have certainly
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measures i'in. in diameter, and contains hair and sebaceous matter.
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effusion, and a large dull area in the middle of his chest. The
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complained of pain either in the head or elsewhere. He ate well, and the
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Dr. F. O. Perry, of Orland, Me., the physicians who at-
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When pleurisy occurs in a diabetic patient it may be saccharin. I have
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throat, that is, other inflaniniatious of the throat in
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following blows upon the head ; nervous lesions followed by glycosuria in
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in 45 cases, expectorants in 1-3, medicinal analgesics (morphine,
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hearing power of both ears. Examination of the ears
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but even then not all the younger children would be protected from
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blood-pressure and a paresis of the vessels. Altitude increases the pulse-
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important; and we would hence recommend that it be held in the year
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between ;" for where we meet with a true and honest reformer we meet
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firm the theory that the leukocytosis depends upon a mixed infection. One often member login
parts of the State where the inhabitants, it may be in-
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risk from injury. But, respecting constipation, I think
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the only rational operation, which is the bloody reposition of the head
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objective sign. It has been attempted to separate these cases from the
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one case a slight haemorrhage, as happened in other
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liber et de lapide ex vesica per incisionem extrahendo,"
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tained by their nerves; or by their permanent spasm, as in tetanus.
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vomiting, and more or less spasms. This, it will be observed, is thus
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symptoms. A considerable amount will bring on fatal
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laise, and on the following day felt himself feverish, but without any
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trial here. It is now acknowledged as a standard remedy in

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