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the extremities. These enlargements likewise have been viewed as

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of the division of the linea alba above and below the sae in

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disease in many organs, especially in those subservient ta

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secretion, possibly due to another secretin — sap-

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there is, in this form of diarrhoea, a dry, harsh skin, with

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lin in February, 1899, in Paris in February, 1894, and in Vienna in

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trouble worse, for the patients are dazzled every time the door is

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was stopped on the loth. On this date the temperature

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clay-color to brown is held to be owing to the presence

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coagulating the blood within the aneurism. Either both poles were

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current is conveyed to the brain, but that the impression

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(lAXNAl.. Jji-ttn^ ;i(lrcss(^e a Mcs.siciirM k's iiu'iii-

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patient begin early on the day of the intermission, and take one

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developed seldom existing alone the diagnosis is facilitat-

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remarks that he has always given sulphurous acid along with the sulpho-carbo-

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Trousseau. Bn'tlures de I'ftil par les vapeurs d'am-

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the land. The main points observable in the Croydon

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into his former condition. It is necessary to watch the child carefully,

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hooks, relax speedily, and have to be very frequently re-

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numerary limb had been observed, and no reflex move-

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fication in the various instances which present themselves. Thus,

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tinue for two or three hours. The preparation is then washed many

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the symptoms of a mitral lesion — viz., breathlessness, palpitation, intermittent pulse,

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highly useful in dyspepsia, liver complaints, intermit-

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not recognized the possibility of this condition being

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newly-formed connective-tissue proliferations have spread over

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from the instrument, which is left undisturbed. Twenty-four hours since its

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The Indications for Prematurt Delivery, with Special Ref-

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' Miiller. Drei Fiille von Pneumopericardie, Deutsches Archiv ftir Klinische Medi-

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