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the weight, the thickness, the volume, the alteration, — nothing

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or after the manner of the attenuated viruses of anthrax, chicken-

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chair of general and special anatomy in the Albany Med-

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This operation was an eflbrt lo perfect a satisfactory

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Surgery has always been his favorite pursuit, notwith-

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of our belief in regard to it, if it be real, is all the same as an

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woman," "a ' Deborah' among Iheni.for her wisdom and

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est value ; he was also a pioneer in new methods of practice of surgery

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1. "The Fungus — Theory and Homoeopathy." Translated from the Ger-

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Gazette, and that a copy be sent by the secretary to his bereaved parents.

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large cystic tumor of the left ovary, including the outer third of

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parents with money advanced for him, and to enter upi

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good results from them. He had also seen all symptoms of tape-

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at Bellevue Hospital Medical College. In later years he was con-

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over the induction of premature labor as a method of de-

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naria are the more violent. This is true of the vertigo and

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In 1903, after completing his interneship, Dr. Morrow established

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and comprehensible without familiarity. Were the " ten laws

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seven grandsons and seven granddaughters, and nine great-

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numerous and varied are the pathological conditions consequent

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The main classical education of Dr. Albert S. Morrow was obtained

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a strong leaning, however, for the practice of surgery. In

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ernor appointed him medical director of the State Volunteer Hos-

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drained and closed. At the end of a month the wound had cica-

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counter-incision in the right loin, a perforated drainage-

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terial. It was in this emergency that he was assisted by

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has taken advantage of the well-known antagonism of certain

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ment, later in the gynaecological ijepartiuent, and afterward

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pain; very sensitive to pressure; disappearing almost entirely in

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waukee, Wisconsin. They have five children, two sons

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of the nervous center, and in particular of the spinal cord. We regard this

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ing that lime was college instructor in that deparlmcnl.

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Opening of the sheath of the flexor proprius poUicis, and

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New York Academy of Medicine and the Anaericar. Medi-

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study, he proved himself an earnest, painstaking student, quick of

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■ TohU siMd?ni9 at the rnHWi §ch<»l he hat bc«D a

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new buildings were beautiful with tasteful decoration, and tables

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system as originating out of protoplasm, but we cannot con-

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fever ; diphtheria ; cholera ; plague ; leprosy ; epidemic cerebro-

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sometimes oval, whose diametrical dimensions are less than

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