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opium, and preparing the patient for a more successful employment of re-

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been suffering from quite a severe illness, and after

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epiphysis, and in none did he find that there had been any inter-

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*■ times in 10,000 cases of eye trouble. The tumor de-

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were effused seven pints of serous fluid, slightly tinged with blood ; the

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trial here. It is now acknowledged as a standard remedy in

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strued to interfere with or derogate from any rights or privileges possessed by practitioners

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fihall confine myself to those complaints which occur in Germany. In

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out, but one must " wash and be clean." Methods of operating

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increased the irritation, and the vascular tonus was gradually

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stances there is usually permanent atelectasis of the lung with fibroid

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arm, an exact measure of the strength of the heart as expressed

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mina of lymph adhering to the internal furface of the artery. See

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right leg, neither the dorsalis pedis nor the posterior tibial artery

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ever, not to be discountenanced in all Some authors have employed the rays

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the auricular rate was about 100. Atropin, gr. 1/60 (0.001 gm.), was given at

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ally. He supposes that disturbance may arise from dissolving the lead

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oesophagus, complete the picture. This condition was observed in 3 very

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Dr. C. H. Hughes, from a clinical inquiry into the significance of absent pa-

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volume and pressure. The MacEwen sign was strongly positive at first

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difference — the one more especially cultivated metaphysics, and the

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ket which have the blue-green areas of rot just beginning to appear

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typhoid process from the mother to the child was published by

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now at the head of a surgical service at the Hotel Dieu, instituted a

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" Life is short, art is long," and so on, is a glittering

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tic liyperaMuia exists in the meatus it will be tilled by

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crisis, as occurred subsequently.] As soon as thermol

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epidemic diseases. In the larval forms recovery is the rule ; in the septic

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is, in the writer's practice, of more actual curative value than

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recommend to yon ; therein, also, lie alludes to the diagnostic value of

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knowledge of physical science, all this acquaintance with the

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MetchnikoflF concludes with the statement that, *' If there can be

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time it had died out. It reached its culminating point in

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fatal in the months of the greatest and most sudden varia-

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V dulneas with the apex displaced down and outward. The autmlitOors ^n

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sciences upon which rational medicine and surgery [ symptoms of threatened death are past. In these

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life, by sea and land, where signalling is employed, with or without the use of

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