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by and associated with a great public functionary —
that the visceral inflammation had its origin in blood disease,
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picion. I think the first, thing in order would be to remove a piece of
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matured cortical cataract in the left eye, which had
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hospital confinement and diet, and tolerant of tiie suppuration set up,
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weight in a continuous 24-hour infusion for five days.
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quite variable and irregular since his admission. During
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of the metric system by formal vote is a step in tho
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turbance. Most cases of what are termed ' latent ' and ' dry ' pericarditis
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worm gut, we apply a copious dressing of sterile gauze and place
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tised, in order to acquire a rudimental knowledge of the human frame,
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with water. She died, and he found that, from lying
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considering that the disease may present at various

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