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pended animation, &c. It should not be used in a too

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lium of the cornea and the substantia propria are uneven,

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case, and to the method which I made use of in examining

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similar instances with regard to Belladonna. In one case,

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ries considerably in size, thickness, and the extent to

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The term "sunstroke" has been considerably abused. Heat-exhaus-

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fessor Schoenborn, now of Wiirzburg, was one of his

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cause of summer diarrhea, first in micro-or- change from a loctivorous to a mixed diet,

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The Disinfection of Books. — ^The health authorities

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-what consist the greatest discoveries of man, if not in the di-;-

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asking the AMS Committee on AIDS to begin an aggres-

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and the sur£Etce of the mucous membrane between them is thickeiled and

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feeble, and the heart action was rapid, regular, feeble,

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obtained in incipient phthisis, which is often cured.

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Carter H. Harrison, Drs. James F. Todd, Willis 0. Nance,

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get weaker and weaker until he finally died, and on post mor-

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help you with difficult claims. And they can answer


Malakin was brought forward as a remedy for rheumatism in 1893.

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discover some specific bactericidal sul^tances,. which dis-

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question arises. Why does virulence remain at a comparatively low

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we must first define the terms to be employed. At the

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toms, and what symptoms have followed up to the present?

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in stating that the suppurative process has not been aggra-

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It was undoubtedly the ori^nal design that the foetus

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lysed by Mr. Howard with most satisfactory results. He

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fatally either by a sloughing glandular carcinoma of the cervico-

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turkey gobbler, the outlet duct of the pancreas, and a short

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ment cysts, or quasi-malignant, as in the intra-ligamen-

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tofleal cavity, or possibly in free purgation if that can be

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the greater frequency of syphilis and alcoholism in

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