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may even yet appear that the bacillus, living at times as a harmless sap-

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sist in the blood for more than twenty-four hours (thirty-six or even

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evidence of the interest which he takes in matters pertaining

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it is proposed to establish a sanitorium in their midst, and the unfor-

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from that of normal man. The prognosis must always be

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and embryonal carcinoma (N=2) were 1.53 (range 1.0-

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hyoscin and 2 gms. (30 grains) hyposulfite; at 12 noon 2 gms.

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or backwards. The second vertebra is articulated with the inferior surface of the

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lung. He directed attention to the presence of a double

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parasites are found in (nearly) all cases, provided the examination is made

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of putting electric incandescent lamps at a low level among

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ankle was restored to its original size, and there was a total

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cured by remedies in this class of cases strongly suggest

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ner through the lips of the wound, for three or four times, the hands intcrchang.

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They have taken hold of the work in a thoroughly busi-

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Winnipeg, medical director of the Sanatorium Board of

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The state leper hospital with ninety beds is also under

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and experience, and with less risk to the patient, be treated equally well

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efforts of the Cancer Section Social Work staff to extend services

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plained of a strange fluttering in his chest, a sensation of uneasiness,

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be incorrect the whole of the subsequent conclusions are invalid.

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the industrial arts. The profession was called upon

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the cardiac muscle will be unable to overcome the re-

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have to be taken into account in dealing with tuberculous disease:

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