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were not absorbed and could be pumped out unaltered in three
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intestinal surgery to eviscerate as little as possible and to surround
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by tlie commencement of June, that is, after a period of six
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and often reveal evidences of parenchymatous inflammation.
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situation. The two feet are turned slightly outwards, the legs
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fairly be regarded as the result of a distinct morbid process affecting the
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the muscles supplied by the nerves of the medulla oblongata ; whence
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cerebral thrombosis, for which no other cause but a life of adventure
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gery, prevent the introduction of septic matter into the vagina
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vitality. To prevent its invasion, therefore, as well as to control its
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Med. Rec.) reports a case where a woman, attempting
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trials included over 1.900 patients given nizatidine and over 1.300 given placebo
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from three and one-half to four and one-half cubic centimetres of
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The term cream should be also understood under the new pure-food law by
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est of all — we must throw away our toys and playthings and do
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The king of all these is the cholera, about which the profession is
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The medical service comprises ten physicians, who have between
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leave this fold to itself; after a while it vanished, and
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" alcohol which was supposed to be the least deleterious of all the
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asepsis of the lower intestinal tract. In order that they may be
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Let us graft our new truths on the old stock that they
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to be given up. During the night of the 28th she was so violent as to

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