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(intoxication or infection) may be effective without discoverable microscopic

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the bone is comminuted, and the dura lacerated, whilst at

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outward and palpable tests. He is nourished on facts, hard facts,

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diarrhea, constipation, other gastrointestinal disturbances: pos-

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IRead he/ore the Midland Medical Society, February eth, 1866 ]

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and cecal stasis with mobile cecum have come to operation. In

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morbid phenomena in the organs and tissues of the body. Observation

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less irregularly oval. While the long axis is usually parallel to that of

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not certain. Dilatation of heart may, however, be caused by extension of

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TJie Sensory and Motor Disorders of the Heart; Their Nature

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alone, until the following year, Dr. A. D. Wilson had the courage

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trulv important organ. On all other occasions it is the least im-

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intention is now never heard in such cases, though it

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Letter of ye 20th of Feb. reached me : I thank you for such a

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ter was intact, but when ulcerated and the nerve ends were free,

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have been found and sent to quarantine. In Detroit,

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practiced in all cases. But while it is often a sufficient remedy for

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been repeatedly enumerated, and repeatedly displayed in synop-

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more frequently the spasm is brought on by some mental or emotional

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also was said by 31. Briquet to have often observed

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heard, and all judgment therefore on the case should be at

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on Anatomy and Physiology, three Courses of Lectures on

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which filled the intergyral spaces ; a similar extravasa-

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During October the Laboratory will be open, and a Clinical

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iBential change is in the blood ; that, in consequence of this change, the

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the experiment, at 41^.2 C, 106^.2 F., did not rise, but, on the contrary, slowly descended,

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will be prepaid by the publishers. All purchasers in Canada must pay Custom duties

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be relieved in a short time. But the general practitioner, espe-

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to any department of human experience — "We are of tliem who

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batrachian reptiles. As I have observed, in the tadpole state of the

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