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through, and the edges of the wound of the cornea thus made were brought

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BERYL ARBUCKLE, D.O., Associate in Pediatrics, 920 N. 63rd Street,

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movement may be excited to action by another center some

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In case of a foreign body passing from the reticulum ; the line

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KBtal sac. The fcetus was without placenta ; the cord being connected

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We had 29 cases of twins — both l^oys 9 times, both

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" The diseases of the nervous system, like the Phlogotici, are nume-

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2 Centralbl. f. Bact.. first part, vol. xl, pp. 426-430.

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in the proper position and the splint dried over the

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half of one of these stomachs and a small part of the anterior end of

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were employed, and tnus their efficacy was determined.

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whatever. The only precautions necessary in the operation are : first, to pass

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uterus, and contained a jelly-like substance. The base of

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customs of a primitive type prevailed. The one outgrowth

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ecomposition had commenced, the front of the abdomen presenting a green

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the cause of death in victims of AIDS. Also, parasites

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above extract from Dr. Goodeve is obviously the result of an

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since. Exactly how his chest was restored to its normal con-

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forms a fibrous subcutaneous nodule containing male and female

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ing from 57.2 per cent of normal to 75.6 per cent (excluding Case

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ing localized. The* diagnosis became clearer in the

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two parts of tannic acid to one hundred parts of water.

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instrument as far as possible into the orifice of the

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widely apart. These statements have reference to the course of the dis-

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Anatomy and Physiology," some in the Transactions of the

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tion. Most of these examinations were made in districts

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and hemoglobin percentage. There is always a leucocytosis

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anterioily, she has been a great sufferer from frequent

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This consisted in {a) touching each tuberculous nodule with a

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regulation of the practice of medicine, but thought that

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ponnded, is to be boiled beforehand in honeyed water. We are to sprinkle also some castor

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accompanying this local condition would be found a tem-

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activity in high-value habitats can have significant

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