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Fovea centralis Ibid., 247. — Ooldzieiier (W.) Ein

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of genital supply, or the neuralgias which become apparent

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swelling without the fever, the animal should be re-tested

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Dr. Sherwell spoke of Dr. Piffard's refraction experi-

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bral abscess ; (2) a single epileptic attack. The ball would then

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The members of the profession have been, in all ages, devoted

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impotence prior to the marriage it could not be used to justify

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for Association members during the coming year. Excur-

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hematopoiesis. But the search requires the best glasses,

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diabetes under my observation, and the clinical books of the three

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had retained tactile sensibility and the ability to distinguish

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tendons down. Sometimes a slight teno-synovitis seems

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proved successful, but neither is without risk of injury.

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common in this country. It occurs as sulphur-yellow lesions scattered

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existed for some tin^.e, or by the appearance in the skin or sub-

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large size in proportion to the surrounding cytoplasm. Most of the

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of life, dyspnoea, cough, purulent expectoration, often

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27. Irregular piece of Rabbit Bone, an inch and a half by one inch,

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half to four years, and then terminate life. That is

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prolonged bleeding from a gastric or duodenal ulcer, to decide

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influence and membership. Since its organization 241

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