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insuperable objection to Pincus^s view, but should rather, on
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course many objections to the quinine view; viz.: (1) The multitudes of
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number and versatility of available flaps have grown dramati-
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The Philadelphia Medical and Surgical Reporter, July 8, 1878.
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these, and modified by age and a great variety of circumstances, lie
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is found, its bronchial origin may be revealed by a curious hypertrophy of
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Home, Inc., license and after receipt of a negotiated
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with an intense itching may be caused by acrid discharges
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ference in the nitrogen contained in the two qualities of bread,
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influence of the pouch was far from negligible is shown by the results.
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are now l^ing distributed among the charitably inclined,
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of the air-passages and in all conditions, like pneumonia and pleurisy, in which
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officers' mess should be exercised. It is our belief, ivpui experience
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thin walled, a little tortuous, and apparently about the size of
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elapsed since the publication of the previous edition.
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It is announced that the corner-stone of the new building,
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Let us again compare the valley of the Housatonic or any other
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year's average of 24.87 years. The age range widened from ages 12 to 67 with
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I. Waldenburg's vital lung capacity : 3,000 cubic centi-
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Partly allitera- Ic me on pippe jypbe beluce *j on jobep helbe be-
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says the author, became stronger and more frequent after the
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years. Microscopical examination revealed abundance
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to become more liquid and pultaceous, though solid masses will
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by pursuing a very different course of investigation, namely by
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nor go to wakes or funerals, remained free from the disease. In
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ant-nurse, for each fifty patients. 4. There should
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mental, although gradual, was most perfect. He is now at
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experience render it so much more simple and effectual
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of midwives, who were, of course, uneducated, with no qual-

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