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demned to the petty social warfare of an isolated provincial life.

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* The term cercocystis was introduced by Villot to designate those

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days, or excluding the sixth case, which was not articular

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tines. — How much and what portions of the intes-

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must in every respect differ from those of the physiological school.

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nected with the artery. There was also the slough of one end

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tion of the ei)idermis begins at the spot where the rash

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disseminated sclerosis does not appear to have been enter-

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colon covered the lump. My own diagnosis was withheld be-

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mediately arrested and no more blood is thrown into the circulation.

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was imperative. It is, however, possible that ligation at this point

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sulphocarbolate of sodium, whose antiseptic action is supposed to be due,

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reached the following conclusions: "The higher the polynuclear percentage as com-

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food and drink, especially, a more limited amount of the latter. Cold or

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vomiting or the tube, point to pyloric obstruction.

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against a partial scheme or any proposal that would set up

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the nose. I may also say that this common after result is

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:e. It is not possible to state positively as a result of these tests

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many diseases coexist, it is not easy to ascertain how they are related

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from the diagnosis of vague temperaments, and of diseases

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most ready to receive and adopt these foreign thoughts as

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cal science, and to be able to explain it intelligently, exacts

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• provide the advantages of convenience and economy.

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severe, and, in light of its short duration, could with certainty be

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interval due to an incomplete lesion of the Myocardial degeneration is certainly no

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the one hand, and to moral and social conditions on the

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scirrhous and encephaloid kind, from the invariable presence of one or

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at first small, and consists of frotliy, glauy mucus. It progressively increases,

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to a great extent, of growth and progress in all things.

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same ancient author spake of various preparations of

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themselves where parents were not around, they would beat B uhlalu se

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chilly on the least exposure or spontaneously within the next half-

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or oil aud lime water with elder-flower water each one-third. These

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