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elevation with the periosteum is easily effected without perf ora
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in this way at the apex, associated with reduplication of
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she termed indigestion, indicative of colitis, and she gave up
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sented, whose future is hopeless, and whose history is vague. For the sake of
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tuck. A.M.. M.D.. Assistant Professor of Tropical Medi-
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initial flora of the patients already discussed, the number and variety
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rice. A pound of corn meal (Indian) goes as far as a pound
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not unreasonable assumption, by fiu"ther investigation of
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where it was wanted; he had never seen any results which
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in apparent degrees. Nature has allowed the horse forty
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99 per cent, of the cniLdren between the ages of seven and thirteen years
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tissue, and detritus which are present in the urine when an abscess
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solution. 1 It should only be done after the peritoneal cavity
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on South Broad Street, where he did much of his abdominal and
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In Dublin the rainfall up to February 28th amounted to 6.751
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stomach arising from an inherent badness of constitution, and
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mipenhcnyppe 12 hype bloptmena 13 poppy 14 pe ip jeBuht
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so-called spontaneity of any disease is presumptive evidence of its being a
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by Soranos, and in the course of the following centuries was occasionaUy
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says the cabled newspaper report, had long suffered from
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Dr. Sansom said he had been much interested in the paper and in the
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grasping at it with frantic eagerness; notwithstanding the spasmodic
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rounding objects ; and terminating it, wlien the water and external
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as the scorbutic state continues. And in some cases of scurvy the callus of old fractures
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132 females, 10 sex not stated; from the first to the fifth year,
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diagnosis of typhoid often being made at the onset of tuberculosis.
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a half. To each I administered, by subcutaneous injection,
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(12), and Lindemann (13), has been found a valuable aid
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necessary, provided he is in working condition; but if he is
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them extremely sparse and arbitrary. It certainly influ-
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The inquiry what food U man designed by nature to t»e, has always
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been used as a diuretic ; but it is still more esteemed as
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the fallacy that where local cyanosis existed in the extremities, the sample of
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draws attention is the importance of knowing the strength of the air
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certainly of the origin here suggested. There are no indications
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disproportioned to the strength or assimilative power of the individual ; or
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Dr. Gersiiom H. Hill, superintendent of the Iowa St«t(
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injection, or an aspirator needle can be used for injection into the peritoneal
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from its early diagnosis till its end in complete obstruc-
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Books for reviews, and all communications relating to the columns of the journal, should be
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ratory be conducted as an auxiliary to the laboratory of "The State
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jiortunity for repair without which failure is inevi-
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bronchitis and of emphysema after pneumonia and to the need of proper
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gram of same case as that pictured in Figures 12 and 13, showing the value of
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enter more or less as an element into almost any disease. There are certain
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cases we find a soreness or tenderness about the muscles,
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atrophic paralysis of the muscles is frequently attended by fibrillary
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tum, demonstrated by Time. By Morris H. Henry, M. A., M. D., LL. D.,

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