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latter being probably mere modifications of the former.
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tion. Not that such relaxation should be maintained
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when circumstances lead to the expectation that the race
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the amount of hemoglobin is, generally speaking, more frequent than
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pass without bringing before you a short paper on the
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After the process of dilating the cervix by the tent, I con-
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the vessel to open lighters or to some isolated locality
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for such other purposes as will promote the welfare of
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familiar. This, like most other inflammations, when acute, was formerly treated
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pits ; and that repeated vaccination, after an interval of years,
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some instances there is a quivering motion of the muscles of the
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thra, say to No. 20 (Engl.) applied every day or two, seems
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the formation of one or more abscesses has taken place^ and usually
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"I. Youthfulntss has less influence in producing mortality
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voided in the unit of time, are of extreme importance in aiding us to reach
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5,000; and it is known that the vast majority of these are
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May 1 2th. — Patient complained of pain in gums and
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especially of the Mussulman, to whom hog's fat is cm
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Kentucky; Dr. George H. Simmons, of Illinois, and Dr.
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about whilst the foetus is still entirely in the uterine cavity, and
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■first operation before doing the second. On freeing the right
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The Cleveland Medical Society held its annual meet-
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condition by which it would be possible to obtain a different
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process, it follows that the appearance of the fully oxidised
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petigo contagiosa, different from that of Kaposi, and
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with prompt disappearance of the fever and restoration of the
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E. M. Clay, president; O. C. Heyerdale, vice president; Gertrude Booker, second
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altered mechanical relations, are too well known to require
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Some patients show considerable chemoresistance, which is

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