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subject is slight. We have seen already that the breeding-grounds of
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lake sometimes has tid^s. Not long ago the water in the
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not see any reproach whatever to pelvic surgery, nor any thing that can
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the fact of the appearance of sudden total blindness on undue exertion or
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of the right, although the Fallopian tube on that side was much dilated,
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Alexander, Annie L., Charlotte, (Hon.), Women's Med. Coll. Pa.,
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from chloroform are shown in the pulse, and the pallor
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two new cases of malignant purpuric fever at the Curragh
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caused 8,406 deaths in 1916, a rate of 1.5 per 1,000,
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an " Old Wife," or Grinder of ancient literature and philanthropy,
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Nervous System). All subjects must be passed at the same
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altered and that comfort, relief and freedom from malodor which
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In this group falls lupus erythematosus. Taenzer adds '^^ophryogenes"
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definitely toxic. Kolisch and Croftan have produced arterial and renal
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you now before me haven't often made a different diagnosis and
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scribed, as its smell is only tolerable, and by no means attractive.
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The dilutions used were the 2d of Aconite, Belladonna, Digi-
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turned out a train of fifteen coaches and vans, unique in its character
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a pigmented parasite — pigmented quotidian — of ap-
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ation of the orthopaedic, rheumatic fever and heai’-
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was a drug preparation left standing so long that there
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Velpeau a , however, throws doubt upon the accuracy of his ob-
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thesia — the urethra being dilated — and an ulcerated sur-
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to be a shriveled, loose mass of suppurating tissue on the
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to increase both the quality and quantity of medical care in the state.
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induced early in the attack, and kept up for several days, failed altogether in producing
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disease — to be once and for all rid of the copious

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