Does Propranolol Erase Memories

physiological purposes. The book is well and fully illustrated

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ease, but a special form of mild septic infection. Others, however, claim to

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often an educated eye will recognize a clean perforation of

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tus Professor, in 1873 having been elected president of the medical

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afforded for the most thorough and complete course of

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began the study of medicine, first under Dr. Swift, of

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the accomplishment of his purpose. So, also, in the treatment of contagious dis-

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[EKiracU taken, by permission, rrom a memohat sketch or the life of

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seen in the vicinity of the wound, which has become dry.

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We have recognized two kinds which have been generally

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cal AssociatioD, and was made Vice-President of the last-

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Medical Association in 1891. On June 1, 1858, Dr. Smith married

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p. 505; " Rhinophyma, " conjointly with Ernest Wende, M.D., Buf-

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from Dutch slock, his mother being a Coster, a descend-

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Minnich, and others, which show that persons with primary or even secondary

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visiting physician at Bellevue Medical College and Hospital, and

does propranolol erase memories

pital until r896, during which time he was the active aid

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tunately, familiar with the power of kreasotum in small doses in

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safe if not small doses, are most available for therapeutic purposes.

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its rapidity for the time being. This increase in frequency would not, of

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