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delight in the cruelty of their work, but it is very improbable.
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Eloy {Gaz. Heb. de Med. et de Chir., 1889. No. 40, 643) -says that in imita-
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On femur the cartilage of head was entirely destroyed except a small
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pregnant uterus of two and a half months. On March 25, 1916,
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casual. At the very moment when the consummation of the natural
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Herpes Zoster: The writer recalls one case at the Polhemus
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smooth, even, and regular in its conformation that it has suggested the
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I am not in sympathy with this line of thought myself. I
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In about half of the cases the motor suflBciency of the stomach was tested
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portance to the practical surgeon. The fever he speaks of is due to chronic
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Electricity and Allied Remedies. By G. W. Overall, St. Louis, Mo. Reprinted
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The author concludes from his investigations that orthin, on account of
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faces of the skin that are inverted into the bowel act as a valve,
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mens of diseased appendices furnished from my own operative
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opening by chiselling off layers of bone ; cured in two and a half months.
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a good living, got along well with his fellow men and showed apti-
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old anastomosis, the condition being most marked on the stomach
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tinuously under rectal feeding, but rectal feeding as usually carried out I
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were second to government employees, the Red Guards, and every-
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condition of her tongue (which was enormous)^ lips, and pharynx. The
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ilar pathological conditions are found in the appendix, why
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should be gone over as a check upon the cultures in which
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matoid arthritis with a secondary general glandular enlargement.
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ititis. The wound was treated, patient kept in bed until entirely
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conditions have lasted for a sufficient length of time to render spontaneous
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they drink till they get into an utterly irresponsible mental con-
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the foramen lacerum medium or the junction of the posterior angle of
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which were smooth and thick on the edges, being elsewhere fused into an
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depicted in the other cases, namely, peripherally, as in herpes circinatus.
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Physicians* Visiting List for 1897. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son &
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their classification. The medical sciences must be lifted out of the
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of appendicitis one year ago for which he refused operation. Three
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no objection to it. But I feel that before such proposals are seriously
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of the chest and abdomen during the lying-in period of patients who wore a
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Recovery was complicated by fever; diarrhoea; haematocele of the left
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tract behind the stricture, and the intervening stricture band

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