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Abdomen. — The whole surface of the peritoneum was coated with lymph, but there
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1 The test for indol is very conveniently made by adding a few drops of Ehr-
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break whatever in their tissues. Continuing the inflation, we thought air
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in straining, coughing, and swallowing are not impeded. This form Tikrk
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and of transfusion as a means of treatment. Arsenic is ap-
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deranged state of the central organs of circulation and respi-
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general nutritional disturbance depending upon the deranged digestion might give
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menmgitis on the left side ; miliary tubercles under cap-
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to la grippe in the dog. During one fall and winter I saw forty
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stant current, interrujited or not as the case requires,
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out why it is impossible to admit the latter eventuality.
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sons can long endure this mode of living. So far as they can
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moment to resist, and suddenly swallowed the spoonful
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limited to the reading of papers, and on this occasion
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religious feeling offers an unanswerable argument against scien-
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tively low, being only about 1,000 ft. It has not the advantage
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of great force of character and influence, and the first Con-
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In some cases the disease proceeds no further, and the child gra-
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I must not leave this very important link in the proper care of the
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the anterior and inferior part, and it was opaque at the vertex,
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this time. Having no straw to generate the fungoid cause, they probably did not
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present from pressure of the growth upon the common duct. The portal
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Nuevo Laredo are greatly improved. One more case of fever
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The points in which the two grand divisions of animals, first named,
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4. Meat Inspection and the Abolition of Private Slaughtsr-
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did not faVor any action of the Academy looking to an
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content of the plasma. The plasma is then saturated with carbon
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every step in our investigation, strengthens the belief that the same bold
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As we anticipated, the cholera continues to prove extremely
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this bull alone being $23,500 in the auction sales in this one show.

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