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contains the rosettes. The writer has observed two such instances in

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often continues for an indefinite time, and a painful spot can frequently

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recovery. Occasionally, however, the child is left with some

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testimony,’ in the mal-practice-suit case of any defendant fellow-member, without fee,

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diseases ; or, if that cannot be done, there should, in

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drew the medium and replaced it by sterilized distilled

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and solid motions per anum. The silk sutures were removed on the eleventh

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special note : — The onset is more gradual, and convulsions are

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ly due to these fires. He thinks they are chiefly noxious at

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by pressure and movement, if inflammatory, but relieved if neuralgic.

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The inhalation of ether seemed to act more rapidly than any

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such disorders of circulation as to interfere with the use

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acute pleuritis and uncomplicated lobar pneumonitis. The importance of

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of true keloid have been examined, however, where the papill;T» were

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usually deficient and the surface of the tooth is in varying degrees rugged,

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pursues an unmolested course, the tertiary symptoms appear in

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approaches normal that it is difficult to make a definite statement in

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point to which Corvisart brought it (yet how far was it from

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vaccines. Of these the chief are their toxicity, which compels

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in the wound is destroyed by a i in 60 solution of hypochlorite of

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vegetable kingdoms are not fixed forms, but that they may pass

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and water with a resulting constipation followed by a

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causes combined" as giving rise to nervous disease. I

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tures of the foot, and is frequently contagious. (1) Abra-

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The intertubular connective tissue is increased in amount. The epi-

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with alcohol and hermetically sealed, it is then heated

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18. Death after Vaccination. — Dr. Ski.vxer read before the Liverpool ^ledi-

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The formation of lymph is still a fruitful source of contro-

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de los niiembros. Gac. m6d. de Granada, 1898. xvi, 489;

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lated from the Registrar - General's 1895-6-7, but "corrected " as to resi-

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given much of IiIh attention for twenty-five years. He was the

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“ wise; either by way of sacrifice or divining, or per-

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tion of the lupic nodules was assisted by hypergenesis of the

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