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than two limited certificates to the same person. This plan?

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mixed with emulsifier a separation of some of the Oil

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that his fame was not owing to length of time, I find

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the bone ; are round, broad at their bases, with little heat

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a great mass of detail in the book — not always well

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coolly informed that on the payment of a fee of twen-

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myself to some observations connected with the operation this

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A register of dental students is kept by the Registrar of the

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offensive. She had violent attacks of sneezing and was wakened by it

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narcosis. * * * * It is well to tell the patient at the outset that if she desires

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conducted both in this country and on the Continent of Europe,

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day and the foreign body located by the resistance encountered at

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and, without pressing the powder, allow it to stand well covered

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ranging from twenty-four to forty-eight hours, coalesce and form a

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multiple medications CARDIZEM undergoes biotransformation by cytochrome

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of these multiplying follicles in all cases colloid : they may

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Dr.Frankland on thefunctions in theanimal economy of various

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of great promise for the future. Most of our present

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cells, each one of which in itself is an electrochemical mechanism.

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pendent upon seborrhea and is readily corrected by the use

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Contunde massam, et divide in pil. 40, quar, sumantur duse bis die,

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and yet others have considered it to be a dermatitis due to some external

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Four days after her admission she spat a considerable quantity of

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tion and a bent for public speaking lectured before various groups; among these

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from the report, and that is that antitoxine does exert some favorable

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Robert William Philip; Vice-President, Dr A. H. Freeland Barbour;

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longed drainage, which alone is efficient in eradicating

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inference, rather than from any safer guide, that we

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Gtcurrcnci , and Tewcovti St (srtcut3 up Cm CrcLr n

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made it but rarely resorted to. In preventing this leak-

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Chords and Aphonia, etc. Keferred to the Section on

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The commonest positions are the flexor surfaces of the wrists and fore-

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to the Dean-street establishment is calculated to do much

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desirable in treating a mixed infection, or whether these two latter

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as may aim at their prevention. Whilst, at times, the

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