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trodes were placed at a distance from this centre it

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showed themselves till the convulsions. Three or four months

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area and frontal region." These small foreign bodies are too

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him looked up to him with actual reverence. The position was well

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upon it ; the blood-vessels may be made to expand or con-

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I learned that about three weeks before her admission she had

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and with this it was not nearly filled. At the upper

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bowed forward for five minutes, the left eye became markedly

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the work of Hamburger concerning the secondary rise after the

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son that the species in question is now known to belong neither to Toenia

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manifesting her neurosis by gloom and tears, and the

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observed when she was fourteen. She is now well developed, with a healthy

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influence of the pouch was far from negligible is shown by the results.

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wound of the hand, which had been inflicted with a circular saw.

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ment by subcutaneously lifting the infolded tissues. The

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The failure of the National Insurance scheme to satisfy either the


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silk were applied to bleeding omental vessels, and returned

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room of Dr. Kamslcill, who has been appointed Physician.

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carried ofl:' by the exhausting diarrhoea, or obstinate bronchial

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this time the gait is characteristic : the ste]3S grow faster and

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of the alkalies that have been exhibited, a quantity of mucus may col-

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suffered more or less since an attack of inflammation eight years

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