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although they are not common. He recalls two cases in his private

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shock and provoke wakefulness. It may be hoped that


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have horses so that they need not wear check-reins,

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axilla, neck, etc. Comparative anatomy likewise receives

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of potassium and digitalis are of great value, § ss. of the

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speetly in orilert«> nvoil ri>k of causinir nausea and general pnxtration.

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Ptolemies, under whose reign anatomy was carried to a

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seven who applied while they had lead colic, and they all

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of typhoid in the country districts and small towns

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tinguished Frenchman on Military Surgery. These, with Pan-

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tractile power, to relieve a hyperemia which may not only be active

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edges are abrupt, slightly everted, and when minutely

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very year this School was opened the State Society began to send

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ilton (A. McL.) A contribution to the study of several

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of sparks or flames, or other objects, which may even present definite

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often dyspepsia and antemia. There is impairment of voice

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cago, and to Dr. Chr. Tompkins, Richmond, Va., Secretary of the

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Remedy. — A f shoe, or a shoe thin on inside web,

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universities, — with rare exceptions — together with the tragic

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received the degree of M.D. from the Victoria University in 1855.

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The membrane, after the operation of syringing, has

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addition of a little broth and milk punch. At five p.m. she

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Grease a pie dish and place a sprinkling of bread-crumbs, then

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relatively and absolutely enormous as compared to those which are

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brought me to the same conclusion ; namely, that the boundary line

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view of shewing this more satisfactorily we have constructed

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ANATOMICAL CHARACTERS. For an account of the morbid products

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Of the remaining eight that died without operation, two

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of a whitish or pale fawn color, crystalline or chalk-like surface, and light

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the head nor the face of the child were marked by the forceps blade.

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the treatment of tuberculosis for relieving insomnia, and improving the

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strides. It is becoming no easy matter to keep oneself at all au niveau

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