by restful and recreative travel, are all that is needed, but probably twelve

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curse, which clings to our profession with such tenacity

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the former patients are often but too ready to make such efforts, while

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body. This is done quickly, and the patients are im-

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continue to be scourged with repeated epidemics of yellow fever. Quar-

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however, are subjects on which there may be differences of

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if it assume an analogy to mania-a-potu, a fact, by no means

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of pericarditis with rapid effusion. On Sept. 9th, the

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substantial loss of life could be prevented in New Mexico if

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Sulphur has practically no effect whatever on the fungus.

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grass covered with hoar frost. It is also very destructive to

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thoroughly familiar with its contents, will, we are sure, not only acquire a

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growing impossibility of carrying out the ideal, even

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The twitching of the muscles continued, and also the con-

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surface of the acetabulum was removed by absorption,

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animal economy is generally so gradual that they require to be persevered

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very massive the pulmonary growths cannot always be detected, although

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Wiener W^ald, a veritable fair}* land for the tourist and the lover of

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redness, or brownish grey, but rather a wash of reddish lilac or a grey tint."

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living, the condition of the bowels, or the care of the nipples. If

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number and versatility of available flaps have grown dramati-

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the several modes of illumination employed by those

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entire length of the anterior wall of the vertebral


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whole eyeball : assuming a chronic and sometimes an intermitting, and even a

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containing intestine only when the intra-abdominal pressure was

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1854.] Gbisoom — Diagnosis of Renal Diseases. 353

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sity of a sound is greater as the amplitude of the vibration

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mortality is higher than in Gibraltar, and there is every reason to believe

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