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{^heiefore tough enough to bear ligation, I thought I should

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La Pratique de I'Antisepsie dans les Maladies des Voies Urinaires. Par

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accordance with the privileges granted to foreign practi-

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ought to be repealed," will, it is understood, be resisted by

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tions. M., 2.30. Operation Days.—1u., ].:»; (Orthopsedic). \V.,

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all cases of uncertified deaths and doubtful deaths inquests

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ni fractions of a millimetre, but says that " about fifteen hun-

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the mother of the child above mentioned been an antivac-

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probably paralytic failure of the right heart from over-dis-

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friend and mentor of the Prince of Wales duiing his memor-

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is a matter of direct observation and capable of actual depic-

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raonth serves to illustrate the method of pro:'edure adopted. Mr.

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of the ntrifous system, there was nothing to show definite

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excluding the possibility of slight tuberculous lesions in such

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with a resulting hemiplegia. In some of the cases of the so->

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Major R. Haselden, for six months; Surgeon-Captain H. N. Thomfson,

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after twenty-three years' full pay service is shown in the Army Lists as

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SrBSCEiPTioNS to the Association for 1893 became due on

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tively ventilated, and this has been taken advantage of, almost

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