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complained of more than a single symptom, it must be clearly
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the country retains the water in the soil for the want of drain-
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fession in Cleveland, would gratefully appreciate a more general
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Physiology, Therapeutics, Dental Surgery, and Mechanism. By Chapin
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died of fowl typhoid. All of the chickens recovered. The one that received
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for every species — thus, in the water-salamander it is 100,
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are palliative. 9. Excision of diseased bone tissue is
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ciple of the National Temperance League, the good in-
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nut upon his trial. The appearances were such as are usual m these cases,—
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indication for its employment, we administer it confi-
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Medicine and Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Health Sciences
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stances it might actively oppose state certification
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in which pieces of iron that had passed into the vitreous were
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which £6-5 were spent ia the purchase of a microscope, and in
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31. — Removed the remaining five sutures. Wound well
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so accustomed to seeing moderate quantities lost that
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of the disease in question, and the general character of it
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tion made on the second day afterward, will convince you be-
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success in connexion with the thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands, and
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only on effort. While she is at her desk she is well. She is
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latter are heavily pigmented. A focus of softening about 7 miu.
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following heads, each of which is fully considered, and im-
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the reserve. On the evening of the eleventh of August,
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of condensed cellular texture, an imperfect joint is established.
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Hon. Associate of the Royal Academy of Medicine, Turin; Physician to
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cornified epidermis in a state of desquamation. All around are found
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ending June 30, 1877, by way of furnishing the mate-
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the use of the liquid food as an enema will strike every one."
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rarely above 102°, and it may be normal. The super|
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almost, if not quite, amounts to proof, that the contagia are living organisms
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Wardenship of the College, and commenced in the West End of
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increase of cancer in recent years is only apparent, though he admits that
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