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April 3-5: Seminar on Bobath Approach to the Treat-

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Under these circumstances I saw the patient. The disease

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bid process leads to the formation of cheesy nodules, which may, though com-

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that we shall be able to understand what it is, and what it

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Lee mentions " others with dangerous fits of syncope;" and in this

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ules one from another. This fibrous developnunt, as

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and figured) may be substituted. I am sorry to say that he violates what

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woman who has borne children, high up above the ring of Muller, and near the

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« Arch, fflr Gynalc, 1900, Vol. lxi, p. 662. aav -

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example, the mortality dropped in one year from eight

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stant struggle for existence, because, while the offspring always

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cutaneous diseases, articular rheumatism, Bright*s disease of the kidneys,

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petence. * * ♦ ♦ * Besides these fatal defects in the

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giving a short, yovy hot sponge. I have many times seen the tempera-

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this arrangement, but in the present they would be greatly

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pin, and knowing from its shapej >}* ^^ J Utt Y e downwards, thus

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thought of discrimination on that score governed the nomi-

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ticable, without materially changing the dose or the

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ing the health of the 45th Mass. Regiment, here stationed. 1 sent

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that can be admitted must be sought in the anatomical structure of

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active, in new fully equipped clinic building. Present

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of the "etiology and pathology of the blood." Taking into

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Health Service in the areas of clinical medicine, re-

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The third case was a youth aged eighteen. The treatment was

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which he accepts the statements of Ranvier recently published,

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from above downward, leaving the base of the flap behind the vagina

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been so twenty-four hours — a perfect jam ; neglected transverse,

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Dr. Southgate Leigh, Surgeon in Charge, Dr. Stanley H. Graves, Associate,

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perfect condition, and has worked without intermission since the

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bichloride cotton held between layers of antiseptic gauze.

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