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current standards of decency and identify avenues that

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the career of pyaemia. After all they are processes of

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to the infection and would have suffered if the claim of

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latter a more accurate diagnosis than bronchitis putrid bron

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to irregular attacks of acute and severe infection with the typhoid

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ports were transmitted in each case at the end of the month

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notice the instrument is a little trephine and it is useful in

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black the dark brown the yellow brown the white and tbo

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hitherto exercised little if any voluntary control but which

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was one of the lower end of the humerus involving the

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reasons for thinking that it has not the composition of true

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thus increasing the frequency and force of the heart action

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older time methods with which you are already more or less

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my is readily explained. The cots used in this hospital

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Sometimes we meet with cases known as the fibrous type in which

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them which will keep without decomposition like that of ter

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the vertebral canal. The patient was a young girl of. Arach

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of being considered as it most assuredly should be an evidence of his

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wetted with the same lotion applied. This arrested the

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in full it should be listed at its full face value.

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some five years since we visited his Asylum we were simply horrified

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Sawitz and Faust whose exhaustive study is still our only

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juponica by Schmidt in by combining that body with morphine

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XXVni. Report of the Committee ou Hygiene by K V. Stoddard

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is when mercury alone is relied upon to keep the patient under its

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cunning and blunder with the helplessness of age when life s

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ever all over this region aspiration was resorted to

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supplied by the striate artery the artery of cerebral hemorrhage.

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with the fine collection of bones at St. Bartholomew s Hospital I was

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Four other cases of a somewhat similar character have been de

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In this connection we must again quote Sims Woodhead. In out

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Territory under this act and when where and to whom applications therefor

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vanced years was also elected to honorary membership. Dr

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Processes is just above fhe fifth and the Region of

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