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deaths, 5; total cases to date, 436; total deaths to date, 32.
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the body, the pulse becomes very feeble, low muttering
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soft parts to absolute contact, before the cord was cast around ;
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necessary material obtained. In the second case, the conductor should
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touch it with the No. 3, when it may be removed with a damp
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tinguish anj'^ color whatever, a condition very rarely found, or it
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even copious injections were accompanied by a distinct fall of pres-
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administering chloroform. In the use of the towel or
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rinderpest were the chief reason for the founding of veterinary
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named at first, I prefer to give it that name. It isj how-
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turned to the room, and found her infant evidently writhing m great pain,
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London edition. Philadelphia : Blanchard and Lea, 1862. 8vo. pp. 420.
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the incisions in the skin on the fourth postoperative
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guide in selecting the formula that provides the extra benefits you want tor your patient
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than that required by many of the State Examining Boards.
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with all the concomitant power, sensibility, and aptitude for use. All the
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the impulse. In any case, it has long been known that there is a time just
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though they can scarcely be called onerous, have proved
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atmosphere was considerably delayed. It may be a question how
1902), he had an attack almost every other day. The only
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a rising temperature, and should be given two or three hours
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of which were a very considerable thickening of the corium, the tissue of
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part of the book the author discusses the history of the
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the abdominal wall, and in promoting the involution
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parts and iodoform 1 part, or equal parts of tannic and boracic acid.
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and all suspected milk should be so treated. Let the
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all, reflect the wants of the people. Give us the medical
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the bone. Tho hone must ho thorouixhly protoetcd hy the preserva-
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in malarial regions differ on this point. Frerichs holds that when
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prolonged along each ureter about two inches. In Fig. 1 there is a
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