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the foot down, and turning and delivery were effected in a few
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admit of some doubt, they should at least make us hesitate before
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Address Professor James H. Etheridge, Secretary, 1634
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Rats and Mice as Enemies of Mankind. By M. A. C. Hinton.
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the spongy j)art is most likely to impact a calculus,
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only twenty-five had insufficient hearts when examined. Only
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operation. He should wait till the surgeon has put on his gown, gloves,
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pathogenesis the ptosis of the various organs are so
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distributed of all the varieties of malaria. It is found in all malarial
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taken at times most favourable to rapid digestion, and should consist of sub-
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E. lv.C.S., Kcaidcnt Medicai Ulficer, Carisi's Hospital, London. Illustrated wiih iiihograpns and wood engravings.
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Journal of the Missouri State Medical Association July 1988
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Bassett, M. D., of Huntsville. This is quite an interesting arti-
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open with non-medicated intravenous fluid. An infusion
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not readily comparable and that the numbers increase as the mortality
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The intertubular connective tissue is increased in amount. The epi-
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there is a series of movements resulting in tremor. In a
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from sciatic pain, which was evidently due to dragging on the nerve by
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There is slight hardness throughout the body of the testicle,
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panied by marked glandular enlargement. This form, usually associated
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concurrent existence of other troubles more palpably of neural orio-in.
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ally galvanism is said to have a good influence, and cases of recovery
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the menses are over. It is not improbable that, in the first-mentioned
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bromine, i to 10,000; hydrobromate of quinine, i to 2,000;
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On motion, Messrs. Eaton, Prior, Williams, Robinson, and Sperry,
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