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Imperative Surgery. For the General Practitioner, the Specialist, and the Recent

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ad pain. ^^jg^ ^^ jj^^ cerebral sensory centres. " The im-

plexus probio5 label

(b) — Spinal j Strychnia, Brucia, Quinia, Cantharides, Exercise,

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l)urpose of disinfection, through which all the body and bed

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these instances it has been found that the undisin-

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case, and to the method which I made use of in examining

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topsy that in at least sixty per cent, of persons who

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reversed-J pouches. The S pouch provided the great-

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tion had passed. Yet, there is in these instances, also, a consider-

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to stimulate the peristaltic action of the intestines, is as good a

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ties, Brit. Med. Jour., 1890, March. Sympson, Vitiligo, Brit. Med. Jour., 1891,

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the soil. By and by all the harmful microbes of the

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death in two hours and thirty-five minutes, notwithstanding the free

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held a consultation on the case, and with the concurrence of ray colleagues,

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using baths daily. Four years afterward he was still

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The terminations or consequences of dyspepsia vary somewhat with

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and plants, the following geographical states of the British and adjoining areas

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Miss Baring has invited me to Bay House with leave to

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takes five minims three hours lattr, would the failure of

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inveigh against the laboratory as stifling the older methods

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line between the granular and horny layers, but this, by no

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tinue for two or three hours. The preparation is then washed many

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of 20/40 or better without the use of spectacles or contact

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{a) The Capsule. — The capsule, which completely surrounds the

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1851.] Gxo^is's Treatise on Diseases of Urinary Organs. ^ 431

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at people grumbling at the length of their session. Surely

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