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was rather regurgitation than vomiting since the food came up a

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come at intervals of about i>^ hours. We used chloroform, chloral and crotou oil

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poisoning by a corrosive substance such as the bichloride of murcury,

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In happy retort, — sarcastic reply, — and caus-

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The making of the radiograms is the smallest part of an x-ray

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" In closing, I might express the hope that the leaders in ophthal-

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In the case of your library, the phrase "beyond the walls"

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hausted serum of geese immunized with tumor tissue is clearly shown

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by the naked eye ; when, however, it reaches a high degree, the organ is

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of various nationalities vary greatly. The death rates of cities having

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aggravation of the disorder ; while if it be in puerperal convulsions in

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ment of the twenty-three cases of severer vertebral periostitis and osti-

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S-T segment, and prolongation of the QT-interval) Late manifestations include muscle-paralysis and

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conclude the present article on M. Vulpian's valuable work.

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Case XLV Female child of M. G., coloured, born April 9, 1879.

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Meningo-myelitis, whether toxic, infective, influenzal, syphilitic, etc.,

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sumed, and which is ordinarily performed by authorized practitioners.”

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realized more and more that as insanity had its root

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of crude mercury were rubbed down with a scruple of

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the diluted blood, which would give an average from 160 or from 240 small squares.

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considered to be due to this mechanism, it can be corrected by volume expansion

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Society because of residence in another state, one of the oldest mem-

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coil, made by winding a piece of the suture wire round a

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liable. At the same time there are considerations which modify for cer-

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vaccines. Of these the chief are their toxicity, which compels

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different wants of each department, as these will doubtless be pre-

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