Phenobarbital Generic

Fig. 439. Congenital malformation of the aortic valves. A, The aorta slit up

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existing nucleated red blood-corpuscles dark green.

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knives, ladles, or threaded pack needles. Stitching of lacerations was

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tion ; violent passion ; predisposition ; " apoplectic form ;" treatment ; prophy-

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cocaine is scarcely more than superficial, and that

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the tunica elastica* are soon, if not coincidently, established. Follow-

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ments, as bog spavin, wind- galls, thoroughpins and other puffy swellings

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allude to, are in that state that they iiad rather die

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closer combinations and release their latent energy, that is, their surplus

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points projecting, or liquid oozing, from one or more o(

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of the heart," confining her to bed for about two months.

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should not be made too free, but all the underlying structures

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The Etiology of Eczema with Reference to Recent Views

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In this connection the desirability of being able to obtain the antitoxine

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this year's meeting were such firms as The Jeyes Sanitary Cora-

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I answer then, with this important distinction: You can give such

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the matter more calmly — they pooh-pooh the twenty grains of

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Townshend was described, to which might have been added the

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third full and Lancet charged Points, is. each ; Pin-points, is. id. each.

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insanity was clearly proved, and she was acquitted. (' Crim. Law,' p. 648.)

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he considered na.sal disease as a purely local affection.

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however, generally be recognised by the clinical history

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lect, might not only produce disease in his own fiimily, but

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I believe that Dr. Watson's position will be entirely

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ing parturition. It is often diflicult, and in some instances

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muller ; 4, the femoral vein ; 5. the femoral artery ; 6. the anterior crural

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that the population of Glasgow more than doubled itself during these

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come fungous, find their grounds not in the consti-

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by means of the chain-saw. Shortly after this, the stump be-

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suggested, and uselessly suggested, for its avoidance — and still

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