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" Memoirs of the x\merican Academy of Arts and Sciences,"

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tion. The difficulties are that the apparatus is expensive and

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of Dickinson, while attractive by virtue of its simplicity, must, for the

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of brain-tax, which must shew itself in the spread of

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Lases m which the symptoms and physical ^^^^^ (Edinburgh Med. Jour.) discusses

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cage, and all the fleas in the batch were dissected at the same

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neuralgic complications, such as sciatica, intercostal neuralgia, and

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in kerion, or after prolonged pressure as in long-standing favus. Alopecia

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her first with Dr. Atkinson, and it was not possible then to say

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The indirect, more than the direct, agencies are involved in the causation.

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sult could not have been better ; the dangers would have

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F.lsberg heartily sympathized with the general drift of Dr.

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changes in the intestine. In the early stages the symptoms are

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erysipelas which, he claims, does away with the need

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ple and easy of application, both in my own practice and

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See. also, Aiibei't (Jacqnos). Profryninasmata [etc.].

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face «)f the wound was easily covered by dissecting up

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process, and from the centre of this a vertical one was carried

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part is used up in it and is converted into other forms of

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General vaccination has been practiced in Athens and Water-

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population. Presented at the Eighth International Conference on

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small quantity and I noticed it directly. Two or three times she raised

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