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Ca.sopis pro vefejn6 zdravotnictvi. [Gazette of public hygiene.]

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tant discovery that the entrance of trichinss into the htnnan body

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sary, when we do elect this procedure it should be thor-


tion. So also with the parasite known as " proteosoma" which lives

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In the Second Volume, will be grouped the monographs relating chiefly to

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trimmed ; is left by his doctor at 10 P. M. on the same da/

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arise, indeed are constantly arising, where a poor plaintiff is

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eountry and elsewhere, from the storage of drinking-water in leaden

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excited in the brain by the power of the will, and propagated from thence through the capil-

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prove not uninteresting, and to confine myself to homely

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neurasthenia coming under the care of the nerve specialist are

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peritonitis, and other morbid conditions, enough menstrual flow each month to stain

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to the large basal papillae of the tongue, which are much swollen in

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cooled down to 37'' C, is stirred up with the fresh white of an egg,

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made up of guanin. These are frequently seen in Smithfield and West-

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Bronchial breathing is also heard over pathologic air-containing

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lin in February, 1899, in Paris in February, 1894, and in Vienna in

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a/Us yvr^a-l^-tyC-T' < / t*rT_ < 3Ce^u /O^uiJtj c-on^t^o^yt^^cci^i&jzxi /t/, /c^~€j t£o /j^cr<j~~

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cance. Why is the bulk of urine falling ? Because the

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celebrities, and is patronized by a fairly large number of English

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come exhausted. Pathology is a study of the changes

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favourable issue about, nature has to be copied, and a mild

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frothy mucus pouring from mouth. After tlie subsidence of the convul-

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seven emphatically such, delighted in injuring man and

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striking the medal, furnishing a proper case, and mailing the

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presented a tumor on the left side of the abdomen of eight weeks'

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so. Anorexia, rapid loss of weight (35 pounds) and strength. Bowels-

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them down or to divide them, this should on no account be

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menced at first slowly, like real salutations, but gradually increased in quick-

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white mucus, mixed with blood; and this is followed by profuse purging.

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