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urine slightly red, but the colour of the urine is no indication of the

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charges from the mucous membranes, if any, shall have ceased.

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There have been also cases in this country where beneficial effects have

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in man, it must draw down the jaw or lower lip, or raise the skin

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The results of the injection of Maragliano's Anti-Tuberculous

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1882. The physiological action of Astragalus mollissimust one of the ''loco'' or

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Gynaecologist, Mount Sinai Hospital, Out-Patient Department. I2ino. Cloth. 61 Illus-

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the bromides in cases of epilepsy occurring in weak and anaemic sub-

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into a sound sleep and continued to rest composed. She awoke in the

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testimonials to the Principal of the College, on or before April 4.

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The right transverse process of the fifth dorsal vertebra and

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contained muco-pus, with streptococci, staphylococci, or pneumococci.

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the Horse Guards to deal with it. They had not yet issued

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be permitted to the 8ufi"erer in his daily occupation. Here,


to some conditions beyond. The kidneys were evideutlj'

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Jean, but for nulUons of others. The challenge and the

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lesions, the speaker first discussed torticollis. There was


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is greatly prepared by mastication, which breaks and reduces it

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Charcot as of rare occurrence, viz. fever (temperature 100° —

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Augujl ^:th. Worm reappeared under the right outer ancle.

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blue was used in the routine staining of sections. Mallory's phos-

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injected these into guinea pigs and obtained a pro-

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■ mary pyodermas (impetigo, ecthyma, sycosis vulgaris, paronychia) • second-

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subsequently reported to Dr. Thurnam to have become patterns

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In the natural method of transmission the mosquito, Stegamyia cahpus, Is the


Radium seems to have played in some of these cases a useful

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which gestation extended from July, 1884, to September,.

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are brought under prompt and proper treatment, and are

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months ago, at least 1 considered it so, and treated him accordingly.

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Extirpation of the Kidney. — Professor Czerny, of Heidel-

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shows throughout a power of condensation altogether exceptional. The

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fever, 93 ; typhus fever, 23 ; pneumonia, 64 ; erysipelas, 24 ;

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proper use of the vapour bath will afford the most sudden, efficient,


frequently affected. The labials and linguo-dentals nearly always escape.

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such a manner, and to such an extent, that this, in the opinion

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hemorrhage is the rectum, the blood is fresh in appearance, and is passed

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