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1. Glycogen is most abundant in young and robust subjects and

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resents what they believe to be a viable political tack

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Chapin, Wm. B., Pittsboro, Univ. of N. C, 1909 _ „ _ 1909 1910

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A hopeful prognosis was made in consequence of the diagnosis of

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as in a violent diarrhoea. After removal of the lower part of the spinal cord and the roots

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the original surface," but into the texture of the periosteum, a

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EL-GAMEL, M.D., University of Manchester School of Medicine,

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scribed, highly tympanitic and sensitive area, about

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In Hospital ; Obstetric Fbysldan to the Oreat Northern Hospital ; Fhyalcian to the Chelaei

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of the changes described under this head are only conditions of softening

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relieved; and a proof that we did not cure epilepsy directly, is,

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(p. 124), and there is also a similar connection between the air-cushion (pelotte)

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intent of the paper, honored the author with a vote of thanks,

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absolutely unattainable by the usual neurologic tests.

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or otherwise become continuous with the muco-gelatinous

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are dilated, the ependyma thickened and roughened by granular depo-

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the vestibule or the central office. On the second floor the arrangement

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original disease. The organisms reseml>lcd amoebse

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ment. Indioacioncs en ocuHstica tie lii.s injcccioui'S

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the question, which was not published in the report of the physicians of

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both impolitic and unjust; for the allegation is not in itself repug-

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operation. The canula could be removed after six months, and

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Quom penes arbitrium est et jus et nonnii loquendi ;

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squeezed out, the coagulation time was only twenty seconds.

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grades than are to be found on any other road running from

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monary artery from the left ventricles. There also are anomalies of

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in December, 1908. He had met with a severe personal

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dozen years, have little conception of the trials that beset

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Surviving are three sons: Harold A., Janesville; Robert

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liarity of the superficial dulness, it is a good plan to accentuate the

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way the situation seemed a little discouraging. Before

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of the two Siegfrieds: "I must stop; my head's getting bad."

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After filtering, 10 cc. of the filtrate are introduced into the separatory funnel and 10

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