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the belief that uric acid produces the symptoms in gout through toxic

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Wiener W^ald, a veritable fair}* land for the tourist and the lover of

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Arch. f. Dermat. u. Syph., \Vien u. Leipz., 1896, xxxv,

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2.5 cm. of water. And as in the Finsen apparatus the con-

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the penalties of the statute students of medicine having

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Luckily the diphtheritic form is rare in this country,

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water sufficient to make a soft paste. After a little

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adapted for quacks to make use of, and naturally some

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than the peripheral termination. This view is &yored first bj the

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thoroughly familiar with its contents, will, we are sure, not only acquire a

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he excluded. If these be excluded, we have 127 cases,

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posterior wall of the pelvis, from the promontory onwards, a parallel

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to that of the body of a well-developed man. It was be-

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comes blue. But tin's is here an unreliable sign, it is not correct. As-

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they have of the good things of this life, have also readier

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water wrung from sponges or cloths is better than the

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not a believer in the hereditary theory of consumption, but

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practitioners as Fordyce Barker, Professor Charles Jewett,

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the first incision depends upon the amount of eversion to be secured to the

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Dulles has performed his tisk most creditably. Within

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recovery has been associated with a decided increase

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side of the lens, and not come to a focus. (Fig. 7.) In

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Cattle and sheep have practically the same diseases of

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the skill as well as developed hands and arms, the very

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■•';• "t; ""''''''■■"■"■'' '''M-i"' ".11,, ueru.,v.u,h ,1k. pr,:pc;

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BeiNg engaged in preparing for publication, a Dissertation on


and signs denote hypertrophy. Cafeine, or the infusion of coU'eo, has

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"The Georgia Practician/' a new monthly medical journal under the

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as previously. Although the s^miptoms are not so se-

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were rotatnrn as well as tractors, compressors, and

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No subject in surgery has been of more interest, or excited more dis-

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varied and various functions. 1 call not that the natural food of man—

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