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and when tyrosin or phenyl-alanin is given by the mouth to an alkaptonuric
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to draw the corner of the mouth backwards or outwards.
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trivial action ; while, in others, he seems impelled even against his
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greenish, slimy, watery fluid, after which became quiet and easy.
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pTOteids as well as carbohydrates will cause certain protoplasmic
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1. Arteriosclerosis with Special Reference to Diet. Louis
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was swollen and disfigured, the lower tarsal bones seeming to have been driven
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physician, Fagon, Bessieres, the four royal apothecaries,
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itself, there may not be a very material increase of the cells beyond
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a river becomes, the greater will be the area over which the water
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attention to the important rule, so often neglected, that the paticDt
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cent. (Konigsberg). It is usually of moderate severity, but occasionally
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to the contrary, the greatest discoveries in physiology
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ably in bed, rested quietly. There was no return of
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Pathology. — The liver is very large, hard, and smooth.
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Again, in those cases of spondylitis, where a mixed infection has
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oxygen in promoting the absorption and assimilation of fat, concluding that
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this pressure, according to van t'Hoff, corresponds to the pressure which the dis-
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produce separation." Rupture occurred after eight hours' labour, and death
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[On tlie tiansmissioii of solids from the blood of tlie
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cases of typhoid fever. Med. & Surg. Reporter, Phila.,
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140, 241; Physiological Chemistry 201, 302, and either Chemistry 261 or Physiology
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tinguished Frenchman on Military Surgery. These, with Pan-
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of undigested food, namely : rice, bread particles, as-
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tenth day there was evident fluctuation. The treatment had
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surround this Hospital ; and living, as we do, in the imniediate neighbour-
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be a part of a general rheumatic process. But, though
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directs his replies. Ist. That the limb after excision is really
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sense of the profession had upon it ; not invidiously, but in its general
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did not disappear. The examination of the sputum at about the time
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prove. He does not interfere with moderate diarrhoea, but
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at murder, the prosecutor, in his own defence, struck the assailant violently
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be none found post mortem, it is alleged ; but probably in these ex-
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small quantity and I noticed it directly. Two or three times she raised

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