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are usually engorged, and hemorrhages frequently take place into the
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the disease when the rapid heart action succeeds in maintaining a fair
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a necessary test of the previous work in this field. As has been stated, the
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— {Chambers Medical Record, April, 1898.)— In the first case reported the removal
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laryngitis, oedema of the larynx, erysipelas of the pharynx, phlegmo.
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But when this solid frame-work is internal, and is everywhere sur-
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had been kept a prisoner in his own house by order of the defendant. Up to that
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stages, the one of tonic contraction, the other of clonic spasm, in which the jerks
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p.X- VIII. of honey a cyath and a half; and if the purulent discharge be copious,
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determining whether the sanitary conditions shall become such as to make a vast
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is due to a brood of spirilla. Their existence terminates in about a week, as
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support to the foot, and firmly secured by bandages to keep it
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taken a prominent place in such work. In our own country,
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failure ; indeed, I may say without any failure, except in two cases where deep
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der low typhus ; the continued prevalence of epidemic disorders may also
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recovery. Occasionally, however, the child is left with some
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and epigastric regions sink in, and that the lower ribs are drawn inward,
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and physically ; his sexual appetite had returned, and
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I have not met with it at all, though I have seen a very considerable
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cases the morbid sensations persist and the morbid interpretations remain,
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way, and I was obliged to apply another higher up. While I was

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