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every teacher is the reason to which I attribute the scant attendance.

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ach was found to extend below the umbilicus and into the

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differ from that at the base of the heart chiefly as regards intensity ; the

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First, where generous diet and tonics are employed, and

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Tli<- anionnt of the appropriation for the Medical and Hospital Department on the 30th of

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When the erasion is complete the tendons are replaced in

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recover penalties from unqualified persons for visitins and

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Codex of Dioscorides, fol. 3 V ("The Seven Physicians") includes

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clined to swell, and is also slightly painful in the afternoon.

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does an immense deal of good in the sthenic form of

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tone to retain the former. The bowels must be kept regular ; the vagina must

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only a singk chromatin mass. In smears from the lungs and spleen

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uttered aloud ; and similarly, the blasphemous or obscene expression will

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ened to kill himself unless some help was proffered him. In his

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However, the long term outcome of HIV infection is unknown.

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the corporation of the University voted that the musenni

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connexion with the elder collegiate institutions, of

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II. Wiggin, of New York County ; The Value of Subsequent

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occurrred in the tubes inoculated immediately after sterili-

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tinguished from general pleuritis by this fact ; the exudation of fibrin

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The borders of this depression produced by the implanted ovum

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exist, how does it indicate the practice of " similia

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be truly eclectic is different from being an adherent of a

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would be well, as Nothnagel suggests, to pay especial attention to the con-

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and insufficient diet, was attacked with pains in the abdomen, and

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cartilaginous, to which had been lately superadded some new

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Not uncommonly in a ward of thirty patients it will be found that

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in all that time no child had been born with an abbreviated

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tients. Each new remedy is eagerly accepted and the

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in which a rabid dog licked the face of a sleeping man near his mouth

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soft spleen and gray liver and other evidences of gen-

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