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the uppermost of these two electrodes, thus giving additional informa-

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scries, ill which (he inntcrinl had iiccii most thoroughly worked

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without the least fear of having it undergo change. There is

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left side are all within the last fortnight, and previous to them a marked

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attention to the important rule, so often neglected, that the paticDt

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tical terminations of sensory nerves, in this case most

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chronic lumpy or gummy growths, which may ulcerate, and

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Reymond, professor of ophthalmology, Turin ; Dr. Sor-

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P. <Tifln.TnTi r|f^.tioTi ^ plastic or proliferous inflam-

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the Society, and, from the list of resident members

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sibbens, pian de nerae, frambcesia or yaws, and many others.

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depressing influence, is manifestly full of peril to life ; and it cannot

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altitudes should be made in two or three stages with a day

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most of the leading medical schools in this country

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the reserve. On the evening of the eleventh of August,

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Chronic softening of right corpus striatum — More recent hemor-

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more than we must confound the acute i which I have noted such fall in the fre-

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Left Frontal Sinus Suppuration ; Radical (Killian) Operation ... ... 167

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was an article on the abortive treatment of " colds," or

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The delirium, however, may follow a chronic course, and last several

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in France, and by Ostertag, in Germany. The first-named authors

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relations existing between, variola and vaccinia, and

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in those common cases in which physicians and pharmaceutists and the general

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surfaces, bums, and scalds, and as a protective dressing.

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and to deposits of morbid material around the heart or in its sub-

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secured in strong, curved clamps that a long curved incision

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know which was by most men actually chosen. But the practice

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phar\n.\. It may consist of either a hj- per trophic or an atrophic invoK-iemeni

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months has expired. It is probable that the Red Cross will

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