Ortho Novum Reviews

truth. One of the first lessons we are taught in surgery

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Is caused by several species of ' acari ' (mange mites)

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vagina; but any attempt to enucleate interstitial fibrous tumours of the uterus,

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apparent, although the two ran parallel until a dilution of one to

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resistance, but no vomiting. The temperature rose to 104° F. On

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what we have now to do in order to lower the death-

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Report of Judicial Council. — Dr. Alexander Lambert

ortho novum reviews

The time of residence in the homes is limited to two weeks,

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the maturity and ripeness of the eggs determines the condition

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-■- from a practical as well as from a scie?iti/ic standpoint.

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cause we feel that the matter is one of paramount im-

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is, in fact, the continuation backward of the upper lip (labrum) or

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Yan Zandt, Henry C, Schenectady, Schenectady Co. Original.

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exactness, there appear to have been some cases of disappearance, or at

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The cases upon which the following observations are based

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by Brainard's Drill. — Under the care of Dk. Fenwick.

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rhage was a poison attack from accumulation of toxins

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presented nothing remarkable. In the opinion which we delivered,

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be recollected that it was winter. The greater part of the

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two cases the staphylococcus pyogenes albus and the

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Before the late rebellion the usual number varied from 200 to

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nine and mercury. It was first introduced, in 1763, by Storck, who recom-

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hundred fold. The field of science is illimitable, and has varieties

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and along the sutures ; and is continuous with the dura mater of

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the following night his temperature rose to 102.5°,

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directed him to use no artificial means to produce a stool, and

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the State's examining board forphysicians, The board of examiners retiring at the

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suppressed by the enforcement of the most rigid rules of cleanliness especially as

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congestions, and to obscure or to mask a thing is not to divert

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Recently the writer has heard in discussion the expression of

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