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and tranquil day, more free from pain than she had been from the com-

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t ychnia, if a cause of death, must always, and under all circumstances,

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"placed like a bridge between the two walls — anterior

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Db. Welch, of Maryland : Yes. If they could not attend, ap-

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greater mortality, it is hoped, will be not without interest and

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cleansed, rubber tissue should be placed over it to prevent

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Buzby, B. Franklin, defects in fifteen hundred employees and how the defects

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8. Manzari V. Gradilone A. Barillari G. et al: HTLV-1 is endemic in Southern

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• traumatic lesions, inflamed or suppurating as a result of bacterial infection.

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Cases 18 to 25. — All soldiers, and all discharged cured, and returned to the

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ner, was on the " Climatic Treatment of Consumption."

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had the repellant leer of a low-grade mental defective

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ings of muscular fatigue which follow hard physical labor.

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which came on during convalescence from scarlet fever. For, as

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ferential Diagnosis Between Atrophic Cirrhosis, Banti's Dis-

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Should the fluid discharged from the vagina be allowed to come in

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calomel i .Morphix hydrochlor.gr. j. ; extracti bella-

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at which the disinfecting process is carried on, the time during which

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colder than it is here. The heat of India had nothing to do with the fatal re-

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common use. There was scarcely a national school in the

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on, had lost 5, or every sixth, and 8 were then treated without any

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have a place on the shelves of the clinical pathologist as well as

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seven months. One lived ninety-six months, four lived

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whether any active stage is seen at the beginning of this degenc*

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Anne Allen — Innumerable photos that may never be returned

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disease, so many clinical types are seen that any definite rule is

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of bacteria into the pancreatic ducts. Suppurative pancreatitis has been

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animals, looks only for the best, and is willing to pay fancy and prac-

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