Donnatal 10 Mg

marked, although the polyphagia had in no way diminished. The patient had no fever,
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Chart 1. — Map of Serbia showing railways and chief towns, and numbers of
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wet grounds in the progress of drying. Agues have always been
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aims the amelioration of suffering and the saving and prolon-
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the infant, gelling it out of the ehaml)er in the arinH of its nurse, but
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the pod if you can, wet it, press it dr}', pick it until loose and free
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Royal College of Surgeons, etc. Xew York : AVilllam Wood
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by non-sexual multiplication (schizogony) ; and in the body of blood-
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tence followed at a late period by retardation after poisonous doses.
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I'aniplitudo d'accomniodation avec la refraction statiqne.
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that all acts by legislature intended to settle matters belonging to
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Mkdical Journal for one year. The money must be sent in every
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two disorders, which a careful analysis of symptoms will
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trate the nervous system with this human malarial poison.
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Another question is whether any special inference can be drawn from the
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New York Polyclinic Medical School ; Attending Gynecologist New
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paratus. It does not appear, however, that any suc-
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alcohol was the origin of numerous diseases, and that abstinence
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were found, both macroscopically and microscopically, perfectly normal
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vering treatment, including usually a somewhat active coun-
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this is about the only limitation we put on the foods
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Ferran, in 18S5, was the first one to use cholera vaccines in prophylaxis. Haff-
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sort described as "cooling." They should never be irritating ; and
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case as one of croup. A few hours after the operation
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take. The amount of work we do, diagnostic work, in tuber-
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affection, together with important observations respecting the
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own observations upon the subject, which, he says, antedated

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