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in Germany, but to the American student does not seem unreasonable.
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is in the tactile sense of the cornea. In deep systemic cases
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^ Cf. H. A. Fowler, New York Medical Journal, November 25 and December 2,
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time as it becomes loosened. This is usually all the treatment that
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two days the dosage was reduced to 30 units per day.
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qaently happens that it is to hygienic measures, rather than to drugs,
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grinding of the teeth, and biting of the tongue, are common ; the
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very nice, in fact, the expression is a pretty good mouthful; but the.
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dyles of tiie occipital l)ones and tiie alveolar processes
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cases of malaria, of which 27, or 18 per cent., were latent, an enor-
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that external causes, at the period when the plant is sprouting from
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in some instances, exposure to a current of air. (' Lancet,' Dec. 14, 1811,
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Hosiiital and Professor of Obstetrics at the Miami Medi-
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at their height lavage is valueless, and but little is to be gained by the
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following blows upon the head ; nervous lesions followed by glycosuria in
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Complications. — Severe and complicated cases of mumps occur almost
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been shown experimentally that a small quantity of tuber-
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the operation is completed and the chest is closed.
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anemia which we see clinically after the loss of small amounts
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only faintly ecchymosed in isolated patches. The lungs were turgid
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At the second consultation with Dr. Alfred Meyer we
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ing the flat arms of different lengths will now be seen.
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States, and that the ©resident and secretary of this Society be, and they
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ence to diet elsewhere. If hypnotics are needed, as will be

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